Septic Systems


With 10 years’ experience, insurance and bonds, KD Plumbing holds Department of Environmental Quality Installer Certification #777 in Aerobic Septic Systems and Conventional Subsurface Systems. KD plumbing also holds Texas Commission on Environmental Quality OSSF Class II Installer #OS0031717 for any type of System as well as a TCEQ Maintenance Provider #MP0002562. KD Plumbing offers full installation with a 2 year warranty on all parts and labor on Clearstream Aerobic Septic Systems and full repair service with most parts in stock. New this year, KD Plumbing is offering maintenance contracts on all Aerobic Septic Systems.

New Installation
Building a new home or upgrading and existing septic? Call us at KD Plumbing and let us help you get your new aerobic septic needs taken care of. KD Plumbing will handle it all from testing to complete install. You can rest easy and let KD Plumbing do it all for you, all the paperwork and everything, all you have to do is call and show up when complete.
  • Clearstream Aerobic Septic Systems
  • Full 2 year warranty on parts & labor
  • All aspects done for you
  • DEQ Certified Installer
  • TCEQ Certified Installer
Septic Repair
If you have an Aerobic Septic System at your house or a house you recently purchased give KD Plumbing a call. KD Plumbing offers a full range of septic repair needs and will get your Aerobic Septic up and running.
  • Full Service repairs
  • Original manufacturers parts
  • Fast Service with full knowledge of how your system works
  • Manufacturer trained
Maintenance Contracts
An Aerobic Septic System needs regular maintenance and monitoring to keep it working properly and lengthen the life of your major parts. Aerobic Septics are an investment like your car. Would you go 2 years or even 1 year without changing your oil or filters in your car? No because you want to prolong the life of your car. KD Plumbing is your septic service center. All parts are in stock and KD Plumbing keeps all the latest tools to keep your Aerobic in top shape.
  • Yearly contracts to keep your system maintained
  • Parts on hand no ordering or waiting days for repair
  • Hassle free service
  • No hidden fees
  • KD Plumbing does service then reports all findings to you